Bloc is a European buying group.  It is a cooperative, owned by 6 of its members. 

Bloc has more than 70 years of experience in importing products and managing private label products. The current range is suited for retail and foodservice companies. More than 1000 different products are available in different types, packaging and qualities. Most products have labeling in 3 or more languages (Dutch, French, English).


The BLOC cooperation is a food buying group, who is committed to buying private label products for its members, who are active in the distribution sector and a group that offers solutions for the logistic needs of those members.


Bloc offers 3 ways of cooperating with food companies looking for private label food products :

  • full membership / shareholder : based on a fixed yearly membership fee + a small variable fee on the contracted volumes
  • Affiliates : based on small fixed yearly membership fee + a higher variable fee. This formula is ideal for starting up or for smaller businesses
  • Direct sales of our products : only for export to non-EU countries. No membership required


Bloc uses  cloud based it system Quasydoc for all product specifications, contract reservations, pricing information, ordering and billing. Members have easy access from any location or device. Product specs are synced with GS1 applications like trustbox or GDSN.


Bloc uses a storage facility near Antwerp for processing imported goods or for joint ordering if minimum ordering quantities from the supplier are too high for a single member. Efficiency is key and Bloc proposes tailormade logistical solutions to its partners.


In 1946, the Belgian Government instructed a group of dynamic businessmen, headed by Mr. Kronacker, to buy essential products, especially in the United States where Belgium possessed important financial reserves.

Upon its arrival, the merchandise was distributed among Belgian wholesalers on the basis of the number of consumers registered in the shops which they supplied at the end of the war.

To coordinate this distribution, the Minister of Economic Affairs decided to unite the different buying groups into a single group called "Groupements Fédérés de Belgique".

Some months later, this way of distribution came to an end and each wholesaler having an import license, could buy in the countries of origin.

These numerous buying groups, many of them regional, did not have sufficient potential to realize these imports.

The most dynamic merged into one national buying group. This was in 1947 and the GROUP BLOC was born.